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Are you a property owner ready to outsource the management of your Clearwater, Florida rentals? Tired of the stressful day-to-day responsibilities of being a landlord? 

Are you looking for a free rental price analysis for your monthly rental value?

Consider hiring a residential property manager! Our residential property managers are the best in the business and can turn any rental into a success, no matter the rental property address!

Call upon the rated property management Clearwater FL service provider in Clearwater, Tampa, and surrounding areas, Ocean Blue Property Management. We’re a locally owned and operated Clearwater property management company with the local market expertise and investment property knowledge to offer comprehensive management solutions

Our Clearwater property managers have been in operation for close to two decades, providing investors and property owners with sound and professional advice regarding their rental properties. We understand all aspects of the rental market. You can rely on us to help you unveil the true potential of your Clearwater property. 

With our professional property managers at the helm, achieving your target ROI for your rental properties is no longer a dream but a possibility. Our property management company can turn any rental property into a success! We are the leader of Clearwater property management companies. 

To maintain our position as one of the best property management companies in Clearwater, Ocean Blue Property Management keeps up with the latest property industry and rental leasing trends and practices. In addition, we’re members of the Greater Tampa Realtors Association (GTAR). 

All our property managers are licensed, well-trained, and willing to offer exceptional property management services to our clients. If you need a professional Clearwater property manager, look no further. 

Get in touch with a property manager at the Ocean Blue Property Management company today and receive a quote for our Clearwater property management services and get your free rental analysis! Call us today!

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Our Florida Property Management Services

As the leading Clearwater property management service provider in Florida, we offer a wide range of property management company services to meet the needs of our property owners. 

Furthermore, we must mention that we offer customized property management packages to our clients. From our experience providing Florida real estate services, we appreciate that each rental property address has unique real estate needs. 

Your rental properties would benefit from a property manager! Contact us today for a free rental analysis. 

Some of our Clearwater property services at Ocean Blue Property Management include: 

Determining the Rental Rate 

Are you looking for a personalized property report analyzing actual rental value?

Are you charging your tenant the optimized rental value for leasing your rental space? It’s not as easy a task as you may think since they are various factors to consider.  

Clearwater Rental Rate

If you set your rental rate too low, you can expect to incur losses in the long run as you will be unable to meet your costs and other financial obligations. Set it too high and you chase away potential renters. 

Rely on the property experts from Ocean Blue Property Management to perform extensive market research, gathering marketing information and pricing rates for you. We’ll also compare your property to the competition in the neighborhood and advise you on potential renovations and upgrades that you can undertake. 

Marketing and Advertising of Your Clearwater Rental Property

Ocean Blue Property Management is the company to trust for extensive marketing of the vacancy on your Clearwater property. We employ a targeted marketing approach; first analyzing and identifying the target demographic before designing and implementing the best strategy possible. 

Part of our marketing involves the creation of high-quality rental ads to advertise your Clearwater property. Our team will also write up an SEO-optimized description of the property to help the rental ad rank properly in multiple search engines. 

You can also expect us to stage your rental property to potential tenants once we receive interest. 

Screening of Potential Tenants

Are you looking forward to enjoying the long-term benefits of investing in a Clearwater property? 

Clearwater Screening

At Ocean Blue Property Management, we recommend prioritizing the screening of all potential renters. With high-quality tenants on your property, you can enjoy a stable rental income, lower maintenance costs, and fewer conflicts with the neighborhood. 

We perform tenant screening to find the best renter out of the prospective tenants. We ensure that you have a quality tenant in your rental property

Many property owners lack the resources and experience to perform a thorough screening process and quality tenants fast explore their options. 

You can call upon the Clearwater property professionals, Ocean Blue Property Management. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to guarantee that only the best tenants in the area will lease your space. 

Our property managers are aware of the provisions of the Fair Housing Laws and will guarantee that there will be no discrimination during the screening process. 

Move-in Inspection

As the tenant moves into the premises, Ocean Blue Property Management takes this opportunity to clear up a few issues and also welcome the tenant. We offer the tenant a Welcome Package hamper, which includes a small gift and a packet of important rules and property regulations. 

It’s also a good time to perform an inspection of the property with the tenant. Our team will inspect every room and appliance. The goal of the inspection is to confirm that every item is in good condition. We promptly respond to maintenance requests and provide our maintenance services, as well as regular property inspections. 

Rent Collection

You don’t have to collect rent when partnered with Ocean Blue Property Management as your property partner. We’ll take care of everything from the sending out of reminders to the collection of rent and the processing of payments. 

We also offer your tenants digital payment solutions that provide convenience. It’s also easier to process payments with digital solutions. 

Living in Clearwater, Florida

Situated in Pinellas County, Clearwater is a highly-rated residential area in Florida. Due to its geographical location, the city is considered part of the Tampa Bay Region tri-city combo, including St. Petersburg and Tampa.

An attribute that has put Clearwater on the map has to be its beautiful and pristine beaches. The city has miles of white sand that attract both local and international tourists. The white sands have earned Clearwater several awards over the years. 

During the winter months, you can expect to see hundreds of snowbirds coming down to take advantage of the weather and the beach. 

The Pinellas County beaches is are the only recreational attraction in Clearwater. Local authorities and private investors have invested heavily in green spaces, parks, and a variety of options. One standout mention has to be the Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway Trail. The estimated 10-mile trail is a local beauty that must be savored. 

What also makes Clearwater a highly sought-after residential area is the quality of the schools in the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area. Families and households can be guaranteed quality educational programs in the area. Clearwater Fundamental Middle School, Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School, and Pasadena Fundamental are some of the top public schools around. 

Are you looking for a neighborhood in Clearwater to call home or invest in? 

Clearwater has a broad range of options for investors and potential homeowners to choose from. Some of the best options include Greenbriar, Downtown Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Feather Sound, and Countryside. 

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